Month: June 2018

Sydney’s road to being fit and hip

Sydney might be better known for its iconic opera house or “Finding Nemo,” but the city is establishing itself as a fitness capital. Though Australians are more commonly perceived as the easy-going, rugged, outdoor types à la Crocodile Dundee, surfing, and hiking. Getting fit has never been more popular in Australia, and the health and fitness industry is flourishing.

The fitness sector is booming, with some estimates putting its value at around 2.4 bn Australian dollars. Sydney seems to be doing its best to lead the way.. the coastline and beaches are a natural asset for the city, and with wellness tourists spending 65 percent more than other foreign visitors to the country, the prospects for new and existing brands to capitalise on Australia’s growing wellness reputation are vast.

Market Saturation

About 15% of adult Australians are members of gyms, many attracted to new 24/7 unsupervised facilities by their … Read the rest

7 National Parks in Australia

Australia is home to enticing natural beauty. The diverse landscapes of Australia allure a large number of tourists from around the world. Mother nature has blessed the Australian terrain with incredible sea cliffs, limestone pillars, sandstone mountain ranges, volcanic tunnels and caves, and long pristine shoreline. And when you want to explore the natural treasure of Australia, nothing can better than its national parks. Following is the list of 7 best national parks in Australia where you will find the best of Australian landscapes.

Kakadu National Park

Located in the northern part of Australia, Kakadu National Park is a wonderful piece of natural beauty. Kakadu National Park is one of the best examples of Australia’s diversity. You will find rivers, sandstones, wetlands, and ancient rocks inside the park. Covering an area of 2000 square kilometers, Kakadu National Park houses a wide variety of plants, amphibians, birds, and animals. Since the … Read the rest