If you have recently lost the man that was supposed to be there forever, it is definitely time to take action. Often, the relationship doesn’t have to end this way. Instead, it is time to take action and be brave. If you are serious about winning him back, it’s time to act. Otherwise, he may end up with someone new.

Don’t Bug Him Now

If the breakup is recent, it is very important to give him some space to clear his mind. Don’t call him the next day and tell him it was a mistake. Instead, give him a few days alone where he can clear his mind and decide what happens next.

Don’t Text Him Late at Night

Just because you are lying awake wondering what happens next, it doesn’t mean that he is. He probably has to get up early in the morning and a text in the middle of the night is only going to make him mad. Remember, he will never miss his girl if she don’t go away.

Avoid Contact for One Month

Stay away from him for at least one month minimum. By doing this, you will know whether or not getting back together is the best idea. If you still miss him after a month, it’s time to get your ex back once and for all.

Get Out and Enjoy Life

Go out with some friends and have some fun. Make sure you are always looking great when leaving the house. Bumping into him is likely to happen sooner or later and it is important for him to get a dose of what he is missing.

Allow Him to See You Having Fun

If he sees his ex having fun, he is going to assume that getting back together is the last thing she wants to do. This is the trick into winning him over once and for all.

It’s important to remember, guys don’t like women who act like a doormat. Make him work for this relationship. Of course, it is important to show a bit of interest and let him know getting back together is a possibility.