Travel AdvisorMASTA (ANZ) has undergone a name change and is now known as Journey Well being Advisor. Zika virus infections acquired regionally have been reported from Puerto Rico for the primary time ever in late December 2015. See our journey health reviews and Zika Virus Fact Sheet for additional info and advice. You may chill out knowing that every detail of your journey is being managed by your travel advisor and all of your travel prospects have been explored and tailor-made for you. Zika virus infections acquired locally have been reported from Brazil for the primary time ever in 2015.

Malaria circumstances have been reported on Saibai and Dauan in the Torres Strait, leading authorities to limit journey between Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait Islands efficient as of 28 March 2011. A.R.S partnered with ATTA member Everlater and provided a journey journal and discussion board option to their travelers. … Read the rest