Are you all set for your beach holiday? Have all the bookings been made? If yes, then the excitement levels must surely be soaring! However, the only dreaded task and usually the last thing to do is pack. But don’t worry, you’ll find a quick checklist in the below to help you pack for a beach vacation. This is to ensure that you don’t end up looking for these items at the local shops or supermarkets, or over packing!


No matter for how many days you are on holiday, make sunscreen your best friend. Nevertheless, much amusing it might be to soak up the sun, you still have to fill up on sun protection. Take along a great sunscreen with SPF 50+. Hence, this allows you to reapply regularly. Also, keep in mind to apply lip balm with SPF!

Comfortable Attire

Carry comfortable and loose clothing when on a beach holiday. Linen and cotton are the best fabrics. Try to pack outfits which can be worn in various combinations to avoid over baggage. For the ladies, they can carry entertaining accessories that can match with all their outfits, however, they shouldn’t overpack. Save some room for the shopping as well!

Casual Shoes and Flip Flops

When on a beach, this is the most convenient footwear. Not only are they comfortable and light weight to walk in, but are also easy to rinse off. Nowadays, you can find it at any local stores. Even if you don’t have one, you can buy it at the beach itself. There are many sellers who usually roam on the beach and sell their products. So, this shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Mobile Phone

Not only is a mobile phone handy, but it can also provide you with entertainment while chilling on the beach! Perhaps, it can be of great use while sitting in a peaceful environment surrounded by sea, trees and sands, and to play marvellous games at With ample of online slots consisting of different themes available on the site, you will be spoiled for choice! You can even have some fun in the bingo rooms!


The best advice is to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. This is to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. While relaxing on the beach, it is highly recommended to use sunglasses that have bigger lenses. If you decide to use these glasses in the water, make sure to purchase straps, which will help you not to lose them. Buy sunglasses for your kids too, to protect their eyes!

Medicine Kit

Take along a first aid kit with the necessary pills and medicines you might need. This is very important since you might not be able to purchase medicines from other places which could be limited to prescription only. Make sure to carry a thermometer, bandages and an insect repellent as well!


After all, you are going for a beach holiday. And the beach will definitely provide you many photo opportunities that you can capture to keep as memories. While bringing a camera, you can also take an additional memory card. But the most important thing is not to forget about your camera charger. To be on the safe side, carry another camera battery as well!

If you are soon planning for a beach holiday, then the above list can help you greatly. Don’t forget that you are going for leisure and entertaining time. You are not shifting from a country to another forever. So, make sure to pack the correct things that you’ll really need! Most importantly, have a great time, and Happy holidays!