Australia is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse cruising grounds for yachts in the world. From the coasts of Tassie and Victoria, up to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the northern territory beyond, there is an abundance of prime yachting locations in Australia, below are just a few key locations to get you started.

The Whitsundays

Once you’ve found yourself a great motor yacht for sale, one of the best places in the world to take a yacht is to the Whitsundays in Queensland. The Whitsunday Islands make up the largest offshore string of islands on the east coast of Australia, and they are nestled amongst the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. The more famous of these islands include Hamilton, Hayman and Daydream – and being amongst the beauty of these islands really is like being in a wonderful dream.

In addition to this, because of the number of tourists dropping into the area, there are a lot of good restaurants and bars throughout the more popular islands for you to let your hair down on land. All of this while still supplying many undeveloped, picturesque sandy beaches with pristine waters lapping at the white sand.

The Great Sandy Strait

Below the Whitsundays is the Great Sandy Strait; located between Fraser Island and the Fraser Coast. The strait is a sheltered waterway that provides protection from strong winds with enough space to get lost in the clear blue of the water. To the north of the strait is Platypus Bay which is famous for whale watching, especially for seeing the humpbacks and their calves on their annual migration. The strait is also home to some of the best marine anchorage spots such as Kingfisher Bay resort, Garry’s and McKenzie’s Jetty. Then as you make your way down the coast, the mainland is spotted with a number of quaint little fishing villages such as Tinnanbar and Boonoroo which can offer interesting little spots to drop into along your travels. Navigating the Great Sandy Strait takes some care as it’s full of sand banks, but the channels are well marked and charted.

Moreton Bay

A little further south and leading into Brisbane is Moreton Bay, which offers more than 1500 square kilometres of turquoise waterway speckled with islands. Moreton Bay offers a great opportunity for sighting whales, dolphins as well as other marine life likely to be spotted if you choose to go snorkelling at one of the many shipwrecks. Moreton, Stradbroke and Tangalooma Islands all offer great resorts and accommodation places to explore. For those wanting calmer waters, there is a series of islands closer to the Gold Coast Broadwater that offer that shelter, as well as several marinas and marine anchorages.

Port Stephens

Heading into New South Wales, another great location is Port Stephens which offers an array of marine life and a great sightseeing and fishing location. Port Stephens is home to the Great Lakes Marine Park which is around 980 square kilometres. Here, you can find great diving and fishing locations and picturesque views, as well as tourist activities such as whale watching and dolphin watching. There are also a number of significant Aboriginal cultural and spiritual sites within or adjacent to the park which can be respectfully explored and learned about.

Australia has a number of perfect locations for soaking up the salt, sun and sea-air behind the wheel of a yacht. All along the east coast are a number of fantastic yachting locations leading up to the incredible Great Barrier Reef with a variety of places to suit a range of tastes and budgets.