Important Points About Land Clearing Service Land clearing is basically the process of clearing any obstacles on land similar to uneven dirt, bushes, rocks, trees and several other debris. This thing can be completed by utilizing a number of equipment just like backhoes, excavators, big bulldozers, chainsaws and a number of other heavy machinery. In some land clearing jobs however, homeowners can actually do themselves if it’s a small job and doesn’t require to move big rocks or large trees. Say for example that this one is impossible to achieve, then working with a land clearing company is the next logical thing to do. What will be removed depends on the kind of clearing to be selected. If you would like to create additional space to walk around the property, restore overgrown views or fire safety, it will be recommended to have the selective land clearing or removing all underbrush and debris but would just leave any established and desirable trees alone. Everything else will be removed if land clearing is intended for pasture or farmland and if it’s for commercial or residential building, everything will be removed and only leaving hind an area of dirt. When it comes to the cost for this project, it most likely depends on the company that you are planning to hire and to what should be cleared out. Apart from that, considerations like if the land is sloped, flat, brushy, grassy, lightly or heavily wooded or combination of any will also affect the price. It is also the job of the service provider to know how accessible the land is as well as the local regulations. These companies may be charging clients for an hourly rate too. But to give you a quick overview of prices for certain job, companies are asking 20 to 200 dollars per acre if light vegetation and few trees have to be removed, 500 to 2000 dollars per acre on sloped land with overgrown brush and few trees and lastly, 3000 to 6000 or even more per acre of forested or heavily wooded. There are various types of land clearing applied by companies and these include:
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Controlled burn – this is among the most dangerous methods as it involves starting and maintaining controlled fire. This has to be done until the trees and brush are burned down and as soon as the fire is extinguished, construction equipment like bulldozer will be used to complete the land clearing.
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Pushover – this involves the utilization of construction equipment in order to push trees over and haul off with its roots intact. Cut and grind – here the trees on land are cut down and moved to a new processing location.