Importance of Dog Dental Hygiene To most people, dog grooming is simply cleaning the dog’s body and scrubbing it to prevent hair from shedding. However, what most people tend to forget is that dental healthcare in dogs is very important and should be done to prevent tartar from accumulating. It is also important to clean a dog’s teeth to prevent it from contacting dental diseases since it is susceptible to the same dental diseases as humans. One of the most common diseases that affect dogs is Gingivitis which causes inflammation of the dog’s gums and as a result, plaque and tartar builds up. When Gingivitis persists, it grows into periodontal disease which causes cavities that provide home for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria will then grow and attack bones and this will not only cause teeth to be loose, it also causes cavities. Pyorrhea is another common disease that usually affects dogs. This disease is an advanced form of the periodontal disease and causes many negative effects to the dog’s teeth. When a dog is affected by Pyorrhea, its bones weaken and teeth loosen causing cavities which are filled with food and release foul smell. This disease can spread to the rest of the body and to every organ when it is left untreated.
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Teeth decay has damaging effects to a dog but it can be treated easily when you use the right means. You need to ensure that you brush your dog’s teeth twice a week to eliminate chances of this disease developing. You will come across a wide range of toothbrushes and toothpastes that you can use to get your dog’s teeth clean and free of diseases. With the proper toothbrush and toothpaste, you will have undertaken a huge step towards giving your dog proper dental hygiene.
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The main problem with using the dog toothbrush and toothpaste is that most people often don’t have the time to brush their dogs’ teeth. If you are encountering problems when using this method or find yourself missing out on some days due to lack of time, there are still other methods that you can use. Dog dental chews provide a much easier method that you can easily implement to help clean your dog’s teeth. Dog dental chews can be given to dogs on a daily basis or between brushings if you can incorporate the two methods. It is integral for you to take your dog for a veterinary appointment at least twice a year, even if you brush its teeth. Among other things, the veterinary officer will check your dog for dental problems and provide the best treatment to enable it remain healthy. You can also ask these professionals to advice you on things such as brushing the dog’s teeth and the best tools for dog dental care.