Millions of women rely on favorite websites for tips on everyday living, entertainment and more. One of the most popular sites is Popsugar, an upbeat, trendy collection of articles filled with useful information. In fact, many women visit the website for travel ideas that save them time, money and irritation. The site’s packing tips are especially valuable and include gems such as the following:

Rely on a Packing Checklist

Experienced travelers do not fool around with handwritten packing lists. It is smarter and faster to print one from the Internet. The list helps a traveler begin to organize before ever pulling out a suitcase or the first item from the closet. For instance, a good list is broken down into categories that include essentials, funds (wallets, travelers’ checks), and comfort items like neck pillows. It also covers electronics, health and beauty, clothing and shoes. Within each category there are subcategories that can be checked off as items are packed.

Always Remember the Destination

Globe trotters also suggest keeping the destination in mind when choosing what to pack. It is smart to find out what the current and predicted weather will be. A wise traveler should consider any expected activities or events. Many expert voyagers suggest not packing items that can be bought at the destination, like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. In fact, long-time travelers often make do with just carry on luggage.

Use Experienced Travelers’ Storage Tricks

Of course the real trick that world travelers have mastered is the art of fitting a lot into a small space. Experienced packers mix and match useful, simple outfits first, being careful to avoid adding anything extra. They suggest double and triple checking all essentials. It is then easy to use expert interfolding, rolling and bundle packing to neatly arrange items. Liquids are secured in waterproof bags and shoes are wrapped to prevent them from soiling other items. World travelers also add a change of clothes in carry-on’s.

Thanks to websites that include travel tips, anyone can go online and learn to pack like a pro. Sites explain the importance of steps like using a packing list, considering destination information and the use of space-saving techniques.