Tips When Choosing The Right Window Tint for your Car When it’s time to buy a new car, one of the first things owners do as soon as they get their hands on the vehicle is to install a new window tint, and in doing so, it should be performed by no one else but a professional tint installer. This is quite true for places where the climate is particularly warm all year long. Considering that it is an aftermarket car accessory, don’t expect the car window tint to be provided by your auto dealership. And similar to how you’re going to purchase any type of aftermarket accessory for your car, buying a tint requires effort and asking a lot of questions. Obviously, the purpose is to make sure you’re getting the right one for your car’s needs. If you don’t know it yet, there are actually various kinds of tints for cars out there. Tip 1 – The first thing you need to know about tints is the heat blockage rate of the film.
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Well, it’s honestly the reason why you’re getting a tint for your car in the first place. You do need to understand that window tint films come with different heat protection rates and the more affordable the tint is the less likely it can provide protection. Some films are capable of providing a hundred percent protection while others are so incapable that they only offer about 10% protection. In many temperate climates, a tint film handing out 40% heat protection is good enough.
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Tip 2 – Give equal importance to the tint’s aesthetic quality. As an experienced driver, it’s safe to bet that you have seen all sorts of vehicle tints on the road with different colors and appearances. Even though there is very little difference in how they look, the fact is each variety is actually unique in terms of aesthetic attributes. For the most part, the best looking ones are those that are very dark, usually called limo tint. But if you’re planning to have one installed, be sure it is of high quality and won’t hinder your visibility on the road. Likewise, don’t forget to inquire about the local regulations on tinting since some jurisdictions don’t allow tints that are too dark that the ones inside the vehicle are no longer visible. Tip 3 – Inquire about the warranty. Finally, go for a tint installation that comes with a warranty. The thing is there even are some premium tints out there carrying lifetime warranties. It just goes on to show how confident the manufacturer is when it comes to their product’s durability. Aside from warranty material, make sure you also consider work or installation warranty so that if ever something goes wrong, the installer will be responsible to cover it.