A Guide to Choosing a Nice Glass Water Bottle More and more parents have embraced glass baby bottles after disliking plastic, and their reasons are easy to understand. Glass is a very clean option, and it originates from sand–one of the purest materials. In other words, a glass baby bottle is neater, very healthy, and more durable. When choosing a glass water bottle, remember to consider factors such as: Type of Glass
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There are many categories that glass can be classified into, but the majority of glassware is either soda lime glass or borosilicate glass. About 80% commercial glassware is soda lime, making this type the most common. When selecting your glass water bottle, prioritize borosilicate as the material is more resistant to extreme temperature. Though this is not cookware, research has shown that cookware made of soda lime is unable to withstand fracture stress under high temperature.
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What is the Cap Lining Made Of? You may prefer to select a bottle whose cap lining is made of stainless steel, and not plastic. When you’d like to enjoy toxic-free water, you certainly don’t want plastic near your mouth. By choosing stainless steel, you’re steering clear of BPA and phthalates that threaten your health. The Sleeve Issue A glass water bottle with silicone sleeve would be ideal. Since your glass bottle may drop and break, it’s important that it’s protected from that possibility. When buying, give preference to a bottle with a simple non-slip grip. A sleeve lets you hold the bottle securely, preempts breakage, and checks heat transfer to maintain the coolness of your water. You’ll like it when your glass baby bottle has a medical-grade silicone sleeve. The sleeve is manufactured using silica, a material that’s derived from sand, and it’s non-toxic and durable. The Issue of Mobility Usually, a water bottle makes sense when you’re not near a source of clean drinking water, and as such, you want it to be portable while you’re on the go. Whether you need it to slot it into a baby stroller’s bottle holder or your gym bag, the bottle should pose no portability issues. In the case of a glass baby bottle, you can do with a sleek, slim design that’s suitable for your lifestyle. What’s the Volume? Certain individuals will prefer a 20 oz glass water bottle, and in other cases, a 16 oz or 21 oz bottle is desired. Your choice is a matter of what’s most comfortable for you provided that your thirst is quenched. Regarding the question of water consumption, you don’t have to follow any standard rule, just observe your day to day drinking water habits before picking the volume for your glass water bottle. Many people nowadays prefer glass bottles for water as opposed to plastic due to health safety reasons.