Sydney might be better known for its iconic opera house or “Finding Nemo,” but the city is establishing itself as a fitness capital. Though Australians are more commonly perceived as the easy-going, rugged, outdoor types à la Crocodile Dundee, surfing, and hiking. Getting fit has never been more popular in Australia, and the health and fitness industry is flourishing.

The fitness sector is booming, with some estimates putting its value at around 2.4 bn Australian dollars. Sydney seems to be doing its best to lead the way.. the coastline and beaches are a natural asset for the city, and with wellness tourists spending 65 percent more than other foreign visitors to the country, the prospects for new and existing brands to capitalise on Australia’s growing wellness reputation are vast.

Market Saturation

About 15% of adult Australians are members of gyms, many attracted to new 24/7 unsupervised facilities by their convenience and low fees. The growing health consciousness is feeding the country’s fitness boom and helping the industry grow at a steady rate, but many analysts fear that the industry could reach its zenith in the coming years, consequently causing the market to lose on momentum or even shrink.

The New Wave

The fitness industry is aware of these dangers and already feels the pressure of competition. A natural reaction is specialising in accommodating specific markets. Boutique gyms like The Bunker, an underground nightclub-like gym with neon lights, are attracting customers by offering a unique environment and others provide practical solutions like women-only gyms.

Staying ahead of the game is the key to success for smaller fitness operations, too. Going forward, success for UK and US players looking to penetrate the Australian market rests on genuinely disruptive ideas, marketing strategy, and product innovation. The rise of boutique studios seems set to continue throughout 2018 and beyond. They’re perfectly positioned to service Millennial members, offering personalised training, and unique fitness experiences this case results is the key to success, specialised gyms that provide personal training and deliver the promised results, like Ultimate Performance Sydney, are growing quickly.

To Sum It Up

Australia and Sydney, in particular, may not rank very high on international obesity lists, but obesity is still an issue that has to be addressed with obesity increased by 80% in the past 33 years. Luckily the government is aware of the problem and is investing a lot to raise awareness.

Although economic ups and downs consumers’ interest in health and fitness services is growing day by day. The rising levels of health awareness and higher incomes have led to an increased demand for personal training and niche boutique solutions.

However, there’s a new wave of digital trends being driven by technology and demographic changes. On-demand fitness services are taking advantage of improved internet connectivity and streaming capabilities. But they’re also tapping into Millennials’ desires for personalisation, freedom, and experiences over material things. Even in remote areas where there is hardly any access to gyms or other fitness facilities, a lot of people consider online fitness coaching as not to miss out on the fitness trend.