Transits and their Role on the Advent of Planets

Transits have played a huge role for astrologers in order to predict some vital stuff in their studies. Understanding must be done with these things in order to fully comprehend their purpose within the planetary realm of movement. In simple terms, what are these transits trying to convey to the masses and professionals alike.

There have been theories that have pointed out to transits as a means of a blueprint to one’s growth. The transits are there to act as some sort of a guide to the study.

What you should know about transits
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In order to comprehend this read, you must know the basics of a transit. Planets that are bound on the solar system have always been prehistorically moving. Harmony is then formed by the links done in the movement, considering the challenges that may come in the endeavor. Along with these cohesiveness is the organization that comes with their movement from the get-go. If a planet has somehow intersect itself to a natal planet within the system, then a transit would be realized. Think of the likes of Capricorn being seven degrees of the means of Capricorn. When the natal chart would hit a certain planet within the given number of degrees, then the mentioned planet would coincide with it. You could only realize a pattern within the system once a variety of planets are found within the range of the degree. Finding that pattern would help you realized the route of your own development based on the transiting planet. A more simple definition that you should take note of is that transits are just planets that have some form of a connection to the natal chart planets.
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What about moving transits?

Houses are the areas wherein those transits would gradually move within the planetary system of the natal chart. It all falls down on the energy that is being conveyed on the movement of those transits. Based on the energy, that would determine what is expected within your lifetime. Houses start in a way wherein cusps would be manufactured which are basically the front doors to the transit’s trail. The beginning of a house would correspond to a certain beginning area in your life depending on the point and the transit that is being covered in the natal chart. You could very much compare this to a guest putting some influence to that home or household of yours. Aside from having the presence of those planets within the household, that transiting planet has more of a relevance to what may or may not happen within that whole family dynamic. Now, you pretty much know how significant the positioning and movement of these planets are within the system. Go on ahead and look at those transits!