Australia has long been a draw for surfers from around the world. The country has produced multiple world champions who have perfected their craft in the world-class waves around the country. For many Australians, surfing is a way of life, with saltwater in their veins and sand between their toes, this surf-crazy nation has breaks to suit all levels and abilities.

Whether you want to learn to gently glide over the surface of the ocean in Bondi on your longboard or get barrelled in heaving, powerful waves at Snapper Rocks, you will find a spot to suit your needs. Dare-devils ride giant waves off the coast of Tasmania and Western Australia, while the best surfers in the world gather on the Gold Coast and at Bells Beach every year to compete in some of the best waves in the world.

Although Australia can be an expensive country to visit, with travel loans in Australia, from Latitude Finance, your surf trip can be made much more affordable. So, if you want to catch your first wave or you’re a seasoned pro, take some time to explore just some of the stunning surf locations Australia has to offer.

Let’s take a look at the best surf beaches throughout the country so you can find your surfing paradise.

Beaches For Beginners

Australia has a number of places where those who want to catch their first wave can get their feet wet without the pressure of competing for space among more experienced surfers. The ever-popular Bondi Beach is where many beginners take their first lesson. Cabarita Beach is another great choice as the break is sheltered from large swells, which can be intimidating for those learning to surf. At Noosa Main Beach you can ride the baby waves until you get more comfortable with your board skills.

If you’re really thinking about diving into the sport, Snapper Rocks’ 1st Wave Surf School provides boards and wetsuits for those interested in learning to surf. Manly Surf School in Sydney and Maroubra, one of Australia’s natural surfing reserves, are other stunning locations where novice surfers can sharpen their skills. No matter where you choose, Australia offers novice surfers plenty of options where they can learn the basics.

Quality Breaks For Thrill Seekers

Seasoned surfers can make a road trip to Kangaroo Island, where Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park’s waters are uncrowded but offer adventurers the chance to surf in some truly incredible conditions. Another place for those looking to find top-class breaks without hoards of people is at Point Sinclair on the Eyre Peninsula. Here, experienced surfers negotiate waves that vary from being powerful to outright dangerous.

Other popular powerful breaks on this peninsula can be found at Streaky, Fowler and Venus Bays. Bells Beach in Victoria is also known for producing comes of the best waves in the world during its prime swell season from March to May. The pro tour makes an annual stop here where the best in the business take each other on for the coveted Bells Trophy.

After The Beach

When your arms feel like spaghetti, you’re completely surfed-out and you’re coming in form the ocean grinning from ear-to-ear, there are plenty of ways to spend the rest of your evening. You can scrub up and head to fine-dining restaurants, chill out at a café, visit beach some bars or simply unwind at your campground taking in one of those spectacular Aussie sunsets.

Find Your Ultimate Wave in Australia

From beach breaks to barrels and point breaks to mellow pint-sized waves, Australia has something for everyone. Whether you want to surf in the city or seek out more off the beaten path locations, you will find a spot that will get you excited to be out in the water. Take a random turn, explore the coastline and you never know what surf break you might stumble across. Australia really is a surfer’s paradise, so take some time to find your ultimate wave and enjoy that feeling of gliding across the surface of the ocean, that you just can’t experience any other way.