Singapore is not just a paradise of beautiful views and fun activities but is also a paradise to the Indian Cuisines. There is no fact in the doubt that Indians seek for Indian cuisine wherever they go, and availability of great Indian food is one of the specialities of the Singapore city that is known as Little India. Just a walk around Race Course Road will prepare a list of Indian restaurants to dine in. The food is quite cheap, and yes, it is delicious at the same time. Amidst the bustling atmosphere of the city, you get to ease your hunger at the affordable restaurants offering great Indian food. If you are planning to travel to Singapore, you can find the cheapest air ticket fare from Bangalore to Singapore. You can web check-in to save your time.

Some of the famous Indian Restaurants in Singapore include:

Muthu’s Curry: The restaurants situated on the Race Course Road fire up your taste buds with the delectable and spicy food offered. Since 1969, Muthu’s Curry satisfies the hunger and taste buds of many. The restaurant offers most popular fish head curry that you may get addicted to it. The place has an open kitchen situated in the middle of the restaurant that not only adds to the ambience of the place but also gives an assurance to the customers that their food is on the way. It is also noteworthy that it has also won Makansutra Award for 2 consecutive years.

Tandoori Corner on Boon Tat Street: One of the good Indian food venues in the town, Tanddori Corner on Boon Tat Street offers amazing North Indian food at affordable prices. Its Chicken Tikka has already captured many hearts and is bound to capture more. Not just this, you will also be attracted to the aroma of the chicken curry and the ultimate bread corner where you can catch best butter chicken and butter naan of the town. You can also get some of the complementary foods at the restaurant and jazz up your time.

Samy’s Curry: You do not ask for more when you get affordable and tasty food at the classy restaurant. Situated amidst the lush greenery of Dempsey, Samy’s Curry has been described as the curry oasis served in Singapore. The luxurious location of the restaurant offers amazing views that makes dining more enjoyable. Samy’s Curry is one of the finest curry houses in Singapore which serves dishes with a perfect balance of spices.

Gayatri Restaurant: Gayatri Restaurant is another spot on Race Course Road and offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with various specializations from the North and South India. The food is served in generous portions and celebrates the presence of each customer by making dining time an utterly amazing one. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the restaurant offers special hot Fishhead Curry which you can enjoy in the hot curry pot and notice yourself dragging to its fragrance.

Along with the all the above restaurants, there are many others which offer great food at reasonable prices. Khansama Tandoori restaurant, Casuarina Curry Restaurant, MTR 1924, Zaffron Kitchen, Gajalee, Bismillah Biryani Restaurant and many more are on the list. All the restaurants offer great specialities from North and South India that you can lay back in any one of them and savour a casual meal with your family and friends. If you are travelling from Bangalore, you can find cheap air ticket fare from Bangalore to Singapore that would not burn a hole in your pocket for sure.