The Impact Of Environmental Issues.

Since ages ago, without a good environment no life can prosper on earth. Out of all the animal kingdom, it is our sole duty as humans to take care of the environment.

The fact that we are not doing this diligently is of major concern. We have done a disservice to ourselves as the damage perpetrated on earth has as a result come back to haunt us. There’s a massive influx of unpredictable weather patterns, warming and cooling and natural disasters occur on a daily basis. It is now or never that we have to rescue our planet from the jaws of death by implementing environmental protection measures.

Global warming is the number one concern environmental issue. Warming of the planet has led to melting of ice witnessed at the north and south pole. Some animas have died as a result of the melting which has also resulted to rising sea levels. The expected increase in human population over the next 50 years is feared to aggravate climate warming. 50 years to come population will have increased and climate warming will brutally bare its ugly head. No one rather than humans are to blame for the Global warming disastrous effects on earth.
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Water pollution is another major problem facing humans today. Any pollutant that gets into the water therefore altering its natural nature leads to water pollution. It has been noted that sea creatures are dying out due to the adverse effects caused by pollution and therefore their numbers are reducing. The lives of a number of species are now at the edge of a string as they are facing eradication due to heavy pollution. Action are being undertaken to save the various species under endangerment but environmental awareness should not be forsaken.
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Natural resources are being misused through illegal fishing, consumerism logging and mining causing limited natural endowment. Any time you cut trees and wipe out an entire forestation that activity is known as logging and it is illegal. Some mining activities like hydraulic fracturing and acid drainage are illegal as they normally destroy the environment.

A number of organizations are coming up that tackle environmental issues head on through a variety of activities that they employ. Their mandate is to address these issues through education, advocacy and activism. This is known as environmentalism which is a social and environment movement by advocates of a better environment.

It should be pointed out that this mandate should not only be carried out by the above advocates but by every human. Saving our environment requires a joint effort and willpower.