How To Plan And Host A Successful Bingo Fundraiser

Bingo fundraisers are some initiatives that have been with us for some time now. This is because so many people love playing bingo and the game can actually earn one several dollars in a single evening. Basket bingo events are nowadays a common feature for many schools and other nonprofit organizations as they seek to raise funds for their projects. You may be so lucky when you make your basket bingo events as popular as to be able to hold the basket bingo even up to three times in a single year.

Though as a matter of fact, you will of a necessity need to do a lot of planning and work to make your basket bingo indeed a success. It is indeed a noble step at fundraising and the investment in planning for the bingo will be rewarded in handsome returns. Therefore let us have a look at some of the aspects of a successful basket bingo fundraiser event.

A basket bingo fundraiser will simply be like any other bingo event. Its only difference will be the being that the prizes will be baskets. These baskets are often filled with products like candles, gift certificates, beauty products and gourmet foods, among other gift items. These filled baskets are often valued at several dollars. This makes them big draws for your bingo fundraiser. The timing of the bingo fundraiser is also a must consideration. This is because the ordinary bingo fundraiser will last for a period of three to four hours. This sets the perfect timing for a perfect bingo funds drive at a Saturday afternoon. This is going to make it appeal to many participants and thus be quite effective in returns.
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Below we list some of the features of a basket bingo. First are the admission tickets. You can sell these tickets in advance or have them sold at the door. To market them effectively, you need to price them differently. Those sold at the door should be priced a bit higher as compared to thoser sold in advance. By aiming to sell many tickets, you will be sure to raise as much money from your basket bingo. To add on to the revenue so generated from your bingo, you can also sell food to the participants during the event. Raffle draws are also avenues for pooling in more funds through the bingo.
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Another strategy at maximizing on the revenue generated from the basket bingo is the offer of door prizes. The door prizes will ideally be an attraction to bring in more participants to the bingo event.