What are the Benefits of Wearing Men’s Suspenders? Whenever the word, “suspender” is mentioned, you normally associate it with Santa Claus, lumberjacks, and grandpa. The usual misconception is that they are accessories worn by older men. However, there is more to them than meets the eye. Yes, it is quite true that men prefer to use belts instead of suspenders, but the thing is there are undeniable benefits of wearing the latter. First things first, you need to wear suspenders for formal wear. For instance, if you’re wearing a tuxedo for an event, you either choose a belt or suspender, but you can’t wear both. The foremost reason why men’s suspenders are better worn for formal wear than belts is because they allow the trousers to hang properly and with better stability to your frame compared to belts. Furthermore, suspenders use either button loops or metal clasps for fastening. Metal claps, in one side, is the better option if you want to conveniently and quickly fasten the suspender, but its main drawback is the risk of damaging your cloth. On the other hand, button loops are totally safe and won’t damage your clothing, but you will have to spend more time fastening your suspender with them.
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If you look at yourself as someone who’s carrying extra weight, you probably have been advised not to wear pants below the gut, but the thing with suspenders is that they help in keeping the trousers at the proper waistline level; likewise, they prevent your shirt and pants from looking bunched up and very unattractive.
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If you feel like your posture is no longer ideal, you should know that suspenders can help you retain good posture. Suspenders don’t work like belts that mimic how tourniquets work, something that many even consider as a form of torture to the body. In fact, long term use of belts can lead to a negative effect to blood circulation as well as discomfort in the abdominal area. Additionally, suspenders are a practical choice for the reason that they’re quite versatile. Therefore, it’s really unfair to associate them wholly with the way they were used in the old days. As a matter of fact, there are so many ways you can customize your look using suspenders. For example, you can wear thin suspenders over T-shirts for a funky look. Thick suspenders on the other hand can be worn under a suit coat or any formal attire. Another alternative is wearing suspenders made from striped silk, which actually are great for suit trousers and dress shirt. You see, suspenders are no longer just those funny clothing accessories our dads and granddads used back in their younger days.